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Houston Hillel Committees

Executive Committee - Mandated in Bylaws

Chair: President (Scott Friedman)

Members: All officers and the two immediate past presidents (Grant Beiner, Eric Cohn, Gideon Estes, Sean Kessel, Lena Lieb, Lou Mizis, Marcy Rothman, Daniel Pickelner, Kendall Toarmina Pang, Rozanne Rubin)

  • Meet as deemed necessary by the President to make decisions relating to the functioning of Houston Hillel.

  • Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to all members of the Board of Trustees, and notice shall be given.

  • Only members of the Executive Committee can vote at Executive Committee meetings.

  • Recommendations and decisions of the Executive Committee require approval by the Board of Trustees in order for them to be binding, with the exception of those decisions deemed a necessity by an emergency situation, in which case the decision requires Board of Trustees ratification during the next regularly scheduled meeting.

  • Evaluate the performance of the Executive Director annually, in a manner consistent with Hillel International's recommended procedures. 

  • Consult with Executive Director on crisis management and emergency messaging.

Budget and Finance Committee - Mandated in Bylaws

Chair: Treasurer (Sean Kessel)

Members: Jeff Berlat, Nathan Canen, Eric Cohn, Brian Hall, Kendall Toarmina-Pang, Leon Trakhtenberg, Bobby Wizig

  • Work with the Executive Director to prepare and recommend an annual budget for the board’s consideration and approval. Budget should be submitted to the board thirty days before the final board meeting of the fiscal year.

  • Oversee Houston Hillel’s financial resources

  • Review financial statements regularly to monitor progress throughout the year, and suggests adjustments as required

  • Identify short- and long-term financial challenges before they become urgent issues

  • Serve as an ongoing resource and advisor to staff on financial issues

  • Provide training or onboarding to ensure all board members understand Houston Hillel’s finances

  • Set short- and long-term fiscal goals to ensure Houston Hillel’s sustainability and success

  • Ensure financial compliance, such as annual filing of IRS Form 990

  • Confirm appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and followed

  • Recommend the selection of an auditor, if needed

  • Identify actions needed to resolve complex financial issues

  • Monitor Houston Hillel’s assets held by the Houston Jewish Community Foundation

  • Ensure compliance with Houston Hillel’s Endowment Policy

  • Meet at least twice yearly

    • Early spring to work on annual budget

    • Early fall to review IRS Form 990


Nominating Committee - Mandated in Bylaws

Chair: Immediate Past President

Members: Four board members assigned by consensus of the Executive Committee

  • Submit to the Board of Trustees a slate of Officers and Trustees two weeks before the May meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Building and Security Committee

Chair: Daniel Pickelner

Members: Brian Cweren, Terry Cweigenberg, Abby Lestin

  • Oversee maintenance of Houston Hillel property.

  • Annually survey Houston Hillel property and submit to the board a report outlining anticipated short and long-term capital expenses.

  • Coordinate with Executive Director on security issues including facility security and staff training.


Development Committee

Chair: Grant Beiner

Members: Gideon Estes, Lena Lieb, Lou Mizis, Rozanne Rubin

  • Create a six-point case statement in partnership with staff and other key stakeholders for supporting Houston Hillel.

    • Ensure that Houston Hillel’s case for support is strong, current, and based on Houston Hillel’s mission and vision.

  • Help develop policies for board and staff work in the entire cycle of development activities.

  • Create in partnership with staff a Development Plan for full Board approval that sets fundraising goals and develops resource development strategies. 

  • Provide information on community and environmental factors affecting fundraising among Houston Hillel’s constituencies.

  • Motivate and involve all board members in the Fundraising process.

  • Spearhead full board assistance with providing information about potential new prospects; help to evaluate existing donors for increased contributions.

  • Develop expectations for personal financial contributions and legacy commitments from the board, communicate those expectations, provide leadership by giving annually and making a legacy commitment, and ensure that all board members make a person financial contribution and legacy commitment.

  • Solicit gifts for Houston Hillel.

  • Participate actively in the execution of special fundraising events.

  • Monitor fundraising performance and hold the board and Houston Hillel accountable.

Governance Committee

Chair: Lou Mizis

Members: Eric Bishop, Eric Cohn, Daniel Pickelner, Marcy Rothman, Rozanne Rubin

  • Identify and cultivate qualified candidates for the board.

  • Foster a path for Houston Hillel alumni to join the board and for young members of the board to increase their involvement and leadership.

  • Conduct board orientation and ongoing training.

  • Provide expectations for board members.

  • Review bylaws.

  • Plan for leadership succession.

  • Assist in board manual preparation.


Programming Committee

Chair: Arden Katz

Members: Eric Bishop, Daniel Braun, Gideon Estes, Sammie Lorch, Marcy Rothman, Riana Sherman, David Vener

  • Evaluate student scholarship requests.

  • Review Houston Hillel’s program offerings during an in person meeting with professional staff twice each year (early August and early December).

  • Review Houston Hillel’s Israel engagement, education and advocacy offerings with a particular focus on student empowerment and the relationship between Houston Hillel and the Houston Jewish community. Ensure that Houston Hillel’s Israel agenda is in concert with Houston Hillel’s Israel Guidelines.

  • Periodically review Houston Hillel's Israel Guidelines.

New Building Oversight Committee

Chair: Scott Friedman

Members: Grant Beiner, Sammie Lorch, Marcy Rothman, Ethan Schultz

New Building Design Committee

Chair: Lena Lieb

Members: Eric Bishop, Daniel Braun, Eric Cohn, Brian Cweren, Arden Katz, Abby Lestin, Rozanne Rubin, David Vener

New Building Budget Committee

Chair: Nathan Canen

Members: Terry Cweigenberg, Brian Cweren, Sandy Jackson, Leon Trakhtenberg, David Vener, Bobby Wizig

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