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Holzband Endowment Tree


A child asked an elderly man, “Why are you planting that carob tree? It’s not going to produce fruit during your lifetime.” The elderly man replied, “Those before me planted trees so that I could enjoy their fruit; now it is my turn to provide for those who come after me.”


A donation for a leaf or stone on Houston Hillel’s Holzband Endowment Tree becomes part of the Holzband Endowment Fund, the proceeds of which provide for Jewish student programming in the years to come.

Please consider a leaf in honor of a graduating student, to celebrate the achievement of someone close to you, or to memorialize family or friends.


You can arrange for a leaf or stone in a number of ways.

  • Click Here to make an online donation. In the space provided please designate “Holzband Endowment Tree” and a Houston Hillel staff member will contact you to help compose the text on the leaf or stone.

  • Click Here to download a Holzband Endowment Tree Donation Form. Print the form and mail with your donation to Houston Hillel.

  • Call our office at 713-526-4918 to make arrangements over the phone.


Silver Leaf – $250
Gold Leaf – $500
Small Stone – $1,500
Large Stone – $5,000


Students come and students go, but Houston Hillel remains to create Jewish memories for the next generation. Please help us provide a Jewish environment for those students who enter college this coming year and in the years that follow.

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